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human resources caring educational affairs and utilizing the experienced specialists were the important key factors of manufacturing high quality switchgears that EKC could obtain finally the ISO 9002 certificate as the first Iranian switchgear manufacturer from SGS in 1997 and improve it up to now    
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type - test certificate One of other honors of EKC is design and manufacturing of draw out type medium voltage switchgears in 2 types: vacuum & SF6.
That was succeeded to achieve type - test certificate from the authorized laboratory of Kema in Netherlands.             . | read more ... |



8DJH With Siemens cooperation download

Medium Voltage Switchgear for Secondary Distribution System Up to 24KV, Gas Insulated



8DJH switchgear is factory-assembled, type-tested, 3-pole metal-enclosed, single-busbar switchgear for indoor installation:

  • Up to 24 kV
  • Feeder currents up to 630 A
  • Busbar current 630 A

Typical uses

8DJH switchgear is used – even under severe ambient conditions – for power distribution in secondary distribution systems, such as
Substations, customer transfer substations, distribution substations and switching substations of power supply and public utilities
Industrial plants, such as:

  • Wind power stations, high-rise buildings, airports
  • Lignite open-cast mines, underground railway stations
  • Sewage treatment plants, port facilities
  • Traction power supply systems
  • Automobile industry, petroleum industry
  • Chemical industry, cement industry.


8DJH switchgear is classified according to IEC/EN 62271-200 /VDE 0671-200.
Design and construction

Partition class PM (partition of metal)
Loss of service continuity category for
panels or panel blocks
– With HV HRC fuses (T, H) LSC 2A
– Without HV HRC fuses (R, L, ...) LSC 2B
Accessibility to compartments (enclosure)
– Busbar compartment – Non-accessible
– Switching-device compartment – Non-accessible
– Low-voltage compartment (option) – Tool-based
– Cable compartment for panels or panel blocks
– With HV HRC fuses (T) – Interlock-controlled
– Without HV HRC fuses (R, L, ...) – Interlock-controlled
– Only cable feeder (K) – Tool-based
– Metering panels (air-insulated) (M) – Tool-based

Internal arc classification (option)

Designation of the internal arc classification IAC Rated voltage 7.2 kV to 24 kV
IAC class for
– Wall-standing arrangement (standard) IAC A FL
– Free-standing arrangement (option) IAC A FLR
Type of accessibility A Switchgear in closed electrical
service location, access “for
authorized personnel only”
(according to IEC / EN 62271-200)
– F Front
– L Lateral
– R Rear
(for free-standing arrangement)
Arc test current Up to 21 kA
Test duration 1 s

Modular design

  • Individual panels and panel blocks can be lined up and extended at will – without gas work on site
  • Low-voltage compartment available in 3 overall heights, wiring to the panel via plug connectors.

Extremely low “life-cycle costs” throughout the entire product service life thanks to:

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Climatic independence
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Maximum availability.


  • Type and routine-tested
  • Standardized, NC production processes
  • More than 500,000 switchgear panels in operation in hermetically welded design.

Quality and environment

  • Quality and environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Personal safety

  • Safe-to-touch and hermetically sealed primary enclosure
  • HV HRC fuses and cable sealing ends are only accessible when outgoing feeders are earthed
  • Operation only possible when enclosure is closed
  • Logical mechanical interlocking
  • Capacitive voltage detecting system to verify safe isolation from supply
  • Feeder earthing via make-proof earthing switches.


  • Maintenance-free components
  • Complete switchgear climate-independent
  • Three-pole primary enclosure, metal-enclosed
  • Insulating gas SF6
  • Welded switchgear vessel without seals, made of stainless steel, with welded-in bushings for electrical connections and mechanical components
  • Three-position switch-disconnector with load-break function and make-proof earthing function
  • Cable connection for bushings with outside cone
  • Connection with cable plugs
    • In ring-main feeders and circuit-breaker feeders with bolted contact (M16)
    • In transformer feeders with plug-in contact or optionally with bolted contact (M16)
  • Pressure relief downwards, optionally to the rear or upwards via pressure absorber systems
  • Wall-standing arrangement, optionally free-standing arrangement.

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electrokavir's manufacturing units possess the modern facilities and equipments of technical and manufacturing tools