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human resources caring educational affairs and utilizing the experienced specialists were the important key factors of manufacturing high quality switchgears that EKC could obtain finally the ISO 9002 certificate as the first Iranian switchgear manufacturer from SGS in 1997 and improve it up to now    
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type - test certificate One of other honors of EKC is design and manufacturing of draw out type medium voltage switchgears in 2 types: vacuum & SF6.
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8BK 80 download 

Medium Voltage Switchgear, Air Insulated, 36 KV

Typical uses

The versatile use of the 8BK80 cubicles is suitable for installation in:

8bk80        Power stations
       Distribution stations
       Power stations, transformer stations and
       Cement industry
       Iron and steelworks
       Rolling mills
       Chemical industry
       Mineral oil industry
       Offshore installations
       Railway power supplies

Personal Safety

  • All switching operations including VCB rack in-rack out performed with front door closed
  • Earthed metal partitions prevents contact with live parts
  • Earthed metallic shutters

Technical Date

Rated voltage 36KV
Power frequency withstand voltage (rms )value 70KV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) value 170KV
Rated short circuit breaking current (rms) value 31.5KA
Rated short -time current (3sec) (rms) value 31.5KA
Rated short time current (peak) value 78.75KA
Rated current for feeders 2500A
Rated current for main busbars 3150A
     Width (mm) 1100
     Height (mm) 2250
     Depth (mm) 2700


8BK80 metal clad switchgear is of horizontal isolation & horizontal draw out type, suitable for easy extension of switchgear in both directions, for system voltage 36kV.

The switchgear is designed for single busbar system & is fully compartmentalized. The design incorporates the set of interlocks for safe operation of switchgear.

The switchgear is suitable for use as distribution unit for switching load at substations of electric supply companies as well as for power stations & industrial plants.

  • True metal-clad and air insulated switchgear
  • Single Busbar System
  • Circuit breaker mounted on withdrawable truck

Switchgear Layout

Circuit-breaker panels are used as incoming panels or feeder panels. The 3AH vacuum circuit-breaker is mounted on a truck for racking the circuit-breaker into the panel. The vacuum circuit-breaker can break all the rated normal and short-circuit currents specified on the rating plate.

Basic components
Metal partitions subdivide each panel into:

  • Truck with 3AH vacuum circuit-breaker
  • Panel connection for cables (cable & CT compartment)
  • Busbar compartment
  • Low-voltage compartment

Optional components

  • Insulated busbar system
  • Current transformers at the cable feeder as
    • Ring-core current transformers
    • Block-type current transformers
  • Current transformers at the busbar
    • Block-type current transformers
  • Voltage transformers
    • At the cable feeder
    • At the busbar
    • Withdrawable type, mounted on the truck
  • Surge arresters
  • Busbar earthing switch
  • Sockets for capacitive voltage detection systems
  • Feeder earthing switch

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electrokavir's manufacturing units possess the modern facilities and equipments of technical and manufacturing tools