About us

Annual Production Capacity

LV Switchgears 4000 Cubicles
MV Switchgears 3000 Cubicles

Equipment and Machinery of Production line

electrokavir's manufacturing units possess the modern facilities and equipments of technical and manufacturing tools that will be submitted due to your request and they do not contain any non-automatic equipment and facilities.

Quality Control Unit Equipments

For the purpose of control and performing the required tests, this unit is equipped with the quality control tools and machineries .

Our Design Procedure:

Using our advance designing software, we are able to:

  • Reducing time of engineering.
  • Reducing fault in design, ordering and production of enclosure parts.
  • Presenting latest products and solutions in design and manufacturing process

Production Control Softwares

The applied software for production planning in production control unit is M.S. Project and CAROX software for recording production line reports and calculation efficiency of production unit employees and also SIVAPLAN software in order to calculate plate, bar and mechanical supplies consumption for SIVACON switchgears that the related inputs are given from SIMARIS program.

Quality Control Unit Softwares

RQ soft wares are used for recording and analysis of switchgear's difficulties and ABC analysis and also special softwares for testing protection relays that have special applications.

It is notable that other supportive and financial-based soft wares are being provisioned in order to ease the communication and faster and more accurate for information exchange between different work groups.