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Versatile with Safety
Type-Tested Components for Power Distribution

The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for building and industrial technology.
SIVACON is tailored to the needs of the world market, i.e. it takes into account the call for standard solutions from a single source on the one hand and on the other for local production and the resulting advantages in terms of financing and procurement close to the plant.
As a power distribution board, SIVACON is available throughout the world and can be used at all power levels up to 7400 A, as withdrawable as well as plug-in and fixed mounted units.

Modular Technology
Every SIVACON is made exclusively from standardized and type-coded modules. All modules are of high quality and conform to Siemens design specifications. The multiple possibilities of combining the components fulfill every requirement. The exclusive use of high-quality Siemens switchgear ensures a long service endurance and reliable operation.

sivacon SIVACON Features

  • Type-tested standard modules (TTA)
  • Standardized busbar position at the top of the cubicle
  • 3- and 4-pole busbar system up to 7400
  • Rated peak withstand current Ipk up to 375 kA
  • Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation
  • Modular structure of device compartments
  • Single-front and back-to-back installation
  • Cable lead-in from above or below
  • Cable connection from the front or rear
Type-Tested Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly (TTA) –
Signed, Sealed and Delivered Safety

SIVACON is a type-tested switchgear and controlgear assembly (TTA) whose physical characteristics were designed in the test laboratory both for normal operating conditions and for fault situations. Conclusive type tests assure a maximum of reliability and personal safety. SIVACON has passed the following verification tests as detailed in IEC 60439-1, DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 Part 500):

Type Testing
  • Verification of temperature rise limits by test
  • Verification of dielectric properties by test
  • Verification of the short-circuit
  • withstand strength by test
  • Verification of the effective connection
  • between the exposed conductive parts of the assembly and the protective circuit by inspection or resistance measurement
  • Verification of the short-circuit withstand strength of the protective circuit by test
  • Verification of clearances and creepage distances
  • Verification of mechanical operation
  • Verification of the degree of protection
Every SIVACON Switchboard Undergoes Routine Testing Before Delivery:
  • Inspection of the assembly including wiring and, if necessary, electrical operation test
  • Dielectric test
  • Checking of protective measures and of the electrical continuity of the protective circuits

Type-Tested Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly (TTA) –
Signed, Sealed and Delivered Safety

Modular technology makes it possible to adapt SIVACON optimally to all requirements.

  • Standard horizontal busbar position at the top of the cubicle
  • Any components can be installed in the device compartments regardless of the busbar position and cubicle depth
  • Requirement-oriented compartmentalization of functional units (Form 1 to Form 4 according to IEC 60439-1)
  • Deep device compartments
Optimum Adaptation to Space Conditions
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing
  • Cables and busbars may be connected optionally from above or below
  • Cabling compartments front or rear located
  • Good accessibility of busbars

Frame and Enclosure –
Dimensionally Accurate and Stable

The frame consists of rigid sheet steel sections that are linked to one another: SIVACON’s dimensionally accurate and sturdy frame is available in bolted or welded versions.

Surface Treatment:
Optionally powder-coated, wet painted or sendzimir galvanized

Frame and enclosure are manufactured from sheet steel in the following thicknesses:
Frame: 2.5 mm
Enclosure: 2.0 mm

Degrees of Protection to IEC 60529
IP30, IP40, IP42 naturally ventilated IP40, IP54 unventilated

Circuit-Breaker Design –
Compact, Reliable and User-Friendly

The supply, feeder and coupling cubicles of the circuit-breaker design are equipped with withdrawable or fixed-mounted 3WL circuit breakers.
As a large number of loads are generally connected to these cubicles, particular importance is attached to them in terms of the long-term operating reliability and personal safety of the switchboard.
SIVACON meets these requirements with circuit-breaker design components.

Compact and Reliable
  • High degree of safety due to type tested standard modules (TTA)
  • Test and disconnected positions with door closed
  • Circuit breakers integrated in separate compartments, each equipped with a separate door
  • Optimum connection conditions for
  • every rated current range
  • Cable connection from above or below

Motor Control Center –
Withdrawable – Unit Design

The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard featuring withdrawable-unit design is a highly available standard solution for motor-control-centers. This version offers the required degree of power supply flexibility and is particularly suitable for the frequently changing requirements of the process industry. What's more, it was conceived on the basis of ergonomic criteria.

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Rapid replacement without interrupting the operation
  • High availability

As a motor-control-center, SIVACON is available throughout the world and can be used at all power levels up to 7400 A.

  • Safety and proven quality for every system by type-testing
  • Siemens switchgear for reliable operation
  • Worldwide presence with local production
  • High flexibility for economical solutions

Cubicles for motor and cable feeders in withdrawable-unit design offer highest operating comfort with optimum safety and availability. By virtue of the guiding withdrawable principle easy and rapid changes or adaptations are possible. Thus individual modules can be e.g. Supplemented or exchanged. Even compartments may be converted during operation. The withdrawable-unit design of SIVACON for highest possible availability.

  • High degree of safety by virtue of type-tested standard modules
  • Outgoing feeders up to 250 kW
  • Non-fused and fused protection
  • Test and disconnected position with protection degree IP 30
  • Standard operator interface for all withdrawable-units
  • Isolating gaps on the supply and feeder sides
  • Space-saving sizes of withdrawable units from 100 mm minimum module height
  • Cable connection compartment at front or rear
  • Easy adaptation to changing operating conditions without shutdown of switchboard

SIVACON withdrawable-units offer operating and handling safety
  • • Standardized design in eight module heights (100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 mm)
  •  • Clearly visible withdrawable-unit positions (connected, test and disconnected position)
  •  • Integrated maloperation protection in all withdrawable-units
  •  • Control plugs up to 40-pole and additional bus contacts (optional)
  •  • Hinged front panel of withdrawable units for adjustments (³ module height 200 mm)
  •  • Insertion support for easy moving of the
  •  withdrawable-units > 250 A
  •  • Plenty of space for auxiliary equipment by possibility of fitting components at the rear
  •  • Lockable disconnected position for safe working at the consumer

Reactive Power Compensation –
Lower Costs with Enhanced Safety

The cubicles for central reactive power compensation ease the load on transformers and cables, reduce transmission losses and save current costs. Depending on the load structure, they are equipped with choke less or choked capacitor modules.

Controller Module with Electronic Power Factor Controller for Flush Door Mounting
  • Multifunction display
  • Self-adaption of the C/k value
  • Adjustable nominal cos phi from 0.8 ind to 0.98 cap
  • Manual/automatic operation


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