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Electro Kavir Company was established in 1983 in Yazd province in order to perform the different stages of technical design, engineering and manufacturing affairs for various fixed and draw-out type electrical switchgears (low & medium voltage) for the purpose of self-sufficiency and expanding local industrial capabilities in Iran.

Now after 25 years from its establishment, EKC could successfully and ideally perform many national projects with more than 370 employees and 28000 square meters substructure utilizing on hand facilities and equipments, incorporated full automatic CNCs, electrostatic painting salon, production salons and low and high voltage equipment stocks.

Optimization of equipments, investment on human resources, caring educational affairs and utilizing the experienced specialists were the important key factors of manufacturing high quality switchgears that EKC could obtain finally the ISO 9002 certificate as the first Iranian switchgear manufacturer from SGS in 1997 and improve it up to now. This important event was because of paying special attention to the education, safety and improving personnel technical level of information through executing "on the job training (OJT)" programs and led to honor and reputation of our products in an acceptable and standard quality level.

It is notable that switchgears, type Sivacon (8PT) is manufactured under the standard of
IEC-60439part 1 and the medium-voltage switchgears type 8BK20 exclusively under the standard of IEC-60298 as well. Our MV switchgear. Simoprime complies with IEC-62271-200
One of other honors of EKC is design and manufacturing of draw out type medium voltage switchgears in 2 types: vacuum & SF6.
That was succeeded to achieve type - test certificate from the authorized laboratory of Kema in Netherlands. Agreeable quality of type-tested and under standard licensed products and EKC commitment along with rendering proper after sales services led company to participate in comprehensive oil, gas and petrochemical projects and at the same time on 1st of July 2004 in the glorification ceremony of top elites in mine and industry, EKC was honored to obtain the first manufacturing unit in year 2003 and also on 10th of July 2004 in the glorification ceremony of oil industry manufacturers to obtain the national prize of prominent manufacturing and oil equipment and therefore received the top manufacturer prize. In 2007 EKC was one of the 6 best LV 8PT- type manufacturers among 220 world wide partners and awarded the crystal statues for this reason.
Electro Kavir Company could achieve an important position in design and control of executing and electrification of most projects through partnership and cooperation with its associates R&D group, availability of powerful laboratorial facilities and innovative proficient experts and researchers who could help the company to execute new and modern drawings along with the technological promotions in our world and resolved many technical difficulties in various executive issues, optimization services and modifications and modernization of on hand projects.
EKC is always aware of quality related issues of the products containing importance, durability and efficiency of switchgears and the quality control unit of the company. Also the company has paid special attention to the life cycle of products qualitative and quantitative point of view along with the latest achievement phase to phase and to the last steps of manufacturing.

We believe that our customer's success is our final goal.